Our BLOOM Serum formula contains an advanced blend of hand-selected, omega-rich oils that are derived from Seeds and Roots, making them highly effective to penetrate deep beyond barriers to rejuvenating hair growth. 


We've added the benefit of Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, which is said to be the purest and most potent component of the Cannabis plant. Studies show that when applied topically, CBD helps to increase blood circulation* and reduce alopecia-causing inflammation.**

CBD, along with our blend of premium carrier and essential oils may help to stimulate the scalp; encouraging a healthy environment that strengthens your hair follicles for maximum growth potential.

Results may vary over a period of time.


Star Ingredients:

CBD isolate

Black Currant seed

Pumpkin Seed

Carrot seed

Ginger Root

Burdock Root

Turmeric Root



For best results, apply to scalp and edges nightly. Fill dropper and evenly disperse serum directly on scalp and edges or problem zones. Massage in. Cover head with a satin bonnet or loosely tightened satin scarf before bed.    



*CBD Isolate often contains 90% -99.9%  of pure cannabidiol. This grade of CBD does not contain THC, therefore there are no psychoactive effects and minimal risk of a false positive on a drug test. 

*Not for internal consumption. Women who are pregnant or lactating should consult a doctor prior to use. Discontinue if irritation occurs.


1 oz





BLOOM (CBD) Advanced Scalp and Edges Serum

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    NOTE: Container is glass and content is temperature-sensitive and must be stored in a cool, dry area at all times. DO NOT leave in a hot car, near windows, garage, mailbox, etc. We will no longer be held responsible for replacing melted, or broken products. 

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