You are GOLDEN and so should your skincare routine. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, we've designed this 4pc kit to naturally brighten, even tone, and deeply moisturize your skin, with no irritation. 


Golden Face Scrub: 

Give your skin a purifying radiant balance with our Golden Glow Face Mask. Though sticky in consistency, this gentle exfoliating mask removes dirt, helps naturally brightens dull skin, even skin tone and fades dark spots over time. The benefits from the Raw honey are endless, including shrink spores, soothes inflammation and brings moisture to oily, stressed skin. Vegan. 4oz.


Golden Oats Cleanser: 

Your skin will feel ultra-soft & smooth after a soothing deep cleanse with our Golden Oats Cleanser. Infused with Organic Turmeric and Raw Honey, this low-lather, oatmeal-base wash gently removes excess oils, dirt, and makeup without over-drying your skin. Vegan. 2oz


Neroli-Rose Face Toner: 

Renew your skin with our Neroli-Rose Face Toner. This gentle toner features sweet Orange Blossom Hydrosol (Neroli) and rejuvenating Rose Distillate. Blended well to help balance the skin's pH level, minimizing the look of pores, removing residuals missed during cleansing, toxins and preparing the skin to receive moisturizers. Long-term benefits may include less acne, less severe acne scarring and fewer wrinkles. Revealing brighter and healthier skin. Vegan. 2oz.


Golden Jojoba Moisture Mist:

Quench your skin's thirst with our deep absorbing Golden Jojoba Moisture Mist. This milky-like moisturizing spray coats your skin with a liquid gold barrier to protect its surface from the elements, as well as lock in a layer of moisture that will leave skin feeling extra soft, silky and smooth. For all skin types. Vegan. 2oz. 

'You are Golden' Face Kit

  • Due to the nature of this item(s), we can not accept returns. 

  • Items are handmade and therefore temperature sensitive. Please store in cool, dry place to ensure freshness. 

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