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Reeta's Organics LOC Method: Hair Care Routine for Hydrated and Defined Curls.

Achieving and maintaining healthy,

hydrated, and defined curls is a common goal for individuals with curly hair. The LOC method is one effective technique that has gained popularity in the natural hair care community. In this article, we'll delve into the details of the LOC hair care routine, exploring each step and providing tips for personalized application.

Understanding the LOC Method:

The LOC method, which stands for Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream, is a three-step regimen designed to prioritize moisture retention for curly hair. Contrary to any initial confusion, LOC has nothing to do with locs or locking your hair but refers to the layering steps that infuse and seal moisture into dry curls.

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Step 1: Leave-in Conditioner:

The first step in the LOC method involves applying a leave-in conditioner or liquid. Choosing the right leave-in conditioner is crucial, depending on your curl pattern. Lighter-weight leave-ins are ideal for curls that tend to get weighed down easily, while denser and dryer hair benefits from a heavier, leave-in conditioner like our Moisture Rich Leave-in conditioner.

Step 2: Oil:

Selecting an oil based on your hair porosity is essential for the second step of the LOC method. Reeta's Organics 7 In 1 Oil Blend is Coconut oil-free but contains oils known to penetrate the hair shaft, while castor and jojoba oils work best for sealing. Thicker textures like 4C hair may benefit from both types, while low porosity hair requires a lighter oil for absorption.

Step 3: Cream:

The final step involves applying a cream to seal in the moisturizers and provide extra definition. The choice of cream depends on your hair texture, with heavier stylers like Healthy Hair Butter suitable for coarser textures and lighter options like Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Pudding ideal for wavy and fine textures. Reeta's Daily moisture cream is good for both.

Who Should Follow the LOC Method?

Can I use the LOC Hair Care Routine?

Understanding your hair porosity is crucial in determining whether the LOC method suits you. High porosity hair, which struggles to seal in moisture, finds the LOC method beneficial. However, low porosity hair can also participate with some adjustments to product application.

Can I Use the LOC Hair Care Routine every day?

While technically possible, performing the LOC method on wash day when starting with freshly washed hair is recommended to avoid product buildup. The method can also refresh and rehydrate curls between washes, using lighter product versions to prevent greasiness.

LOC Method Alternatives:

For those experiencing product buildup or seeking variations, alternatives like the LCO method (Leave-in, Cream, Oil) can be explored. Adjusting the order of product application or omitting one step can also cater to individual preferences and hair needs.

Reeta's Organics hydrated curls with no product buildup. Black owned hair care products with nourishing ingredients. For all Hair porosity.
Reeta's Organics Juciy Two strand twist, using the Loc method or LCO Method.


Mastering the LOC hair care routine involves understanding your unique curl pattern, porosity, and product preferences. You can achieve beautifully hydrated, defined curls by following the three key steps and personalizing the products based on your hair's needs. Experiment, embrace the trial-and-error process, and find the perfect LOC routine that works for you.

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