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Welcome to Reeta's Organics
Microlocs Training Class.

Training the next generation of Microlocs Specialists.

Step into the world of Microlocs mastery and open doors to exceptional earning potential. Find everything you need to excel in the art of Microlocs at Reeta's Organics, where expertise meets opportunity.

Join Reeta's Organics Microlocs Training Class Now! Get started on your journey to becoming a Microlocs Specialist.

About Reeta's

Organics Microlocs Training Class

Welcome to Reeta's Organics, your destination for natural hair care and Microlocs training. Reeta has over 6 years of experience installing Microlocs and has been teaching for over 3 years, having trained over 100 stylists in this beautiful trade.

How Much Can You Make$$$

Microlocs are in high demand, but there's a shortage of specialists to meet this demand. By becoming a Microlocs specialist, you could potentially earn $50,000 a year by just doing one installation a month and three reties a week. The work is there, but we need stylists who are eager to grow and expand their skills.


Now, she's looking to expand her training to different states and beyond, spreading knowledge and skills all over the world. Help us make Reeta's Organics go global by joining our Microlocs training program. Click "Microlocs training" to book your consultation and be a part of this movement.

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