Suggestive use:


We love the thick consistency of Shea butter, that's why we recommend it as the "S" (Sealant) in the L.O.C.S. Method process. 

Apply to scalp to relieve dryness and itching due to dandruff.

Makes a great skin moisturizer. 

Organic Raw Shea Butter


Raw [unrefined] Shea butter is extracted from a nut that grows on the Shea-Karite tree, which is a tree found in East and West Africa.  Unrefined Raw Shea butter has a particular blend of emollients and fatty acids, which are beneficial for hair, scalp and skin care. Unrefined Raw Shea butter in it's the purest form should be have a yellow tint. The yellow tint is due to the Vitamin A it contains, which has been proven to have a direct influence on hair growth, strengthening and conditioning the hair and contributing to the overall improvement of damaged hair. Over time it can prevent breakage and reduce shedding.  Shea butter can also be used as a sealant-sealing in water/moisture into the skin, hair and scalp without leaving behind a greasy residue or build-up.  Shea butter absorbs easily into the scalp and without clogging pores. Because of this, it’s great for soothing dandruff and relief from a dry, itchy scalp.

We've amped up this miracle butter with a few essential ingredients such as Coconut oil, Rosemary oil and Eucalyptus oil then we triple-whip it to perfection!



Unrefined yellow Shea Butter improvement of damage hair