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About Reeta's Organics:

 At Reeta’s Organics, we're obsessed with every texture of natural hair and radiant skin in every beautiful shade! Our focus is to provide products that enhance and enriches your body. All of our goodies are handmade & made to order! We care about the wellness of our customers, that's why we've created a luxurious hair & skin care line using nourishing ingredients that are Organic/Vegan plant-based--free of mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, paraben, paraffin and unnecessary fillers or preservatives. Instead, we take pride in using ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Jojoba, Coconut oil, Mango butter and Lavender EO. We want you to embrace and flaunt healthier, happier YOU from Fro to toe! 


  Hello! I'm Syreeta, the Founder of Reeta's Organics. I wanted to share a bit about myself and how Reeta's Organics came about.


 I am a licensed stylist, specialized in Natural Hair Care and Microlocs. I am a mother to 3 phenomenal children and married to my sweetheart & Co-founder, Leon for 18 years.


 For many years I battled scalp and skin psoriasis. I was at my wit's end with trying out products and medications, and completely disappointed with the end results. I suffered through "flare-up" after "flare-up". I noticed it always seemed to be the most irritated after each relaxer. So I wised up and in 2013 I decided to discontinue relaxing my hair. I began to transition from a relaxer to natural hair. I transitioned for a year and in February 2014 I cut off all the relaxed hair. Now completely natural, finding products to keep my TWA-Teeny Weeny Afro moisturized was just as difficult as finding a product to soothe my scalp. This became my “Ah-ha” moment!


  Immediately I began to educate myself on holistic health and natural home remedies. I took several classes. This opened up my eyes to a whole new meaning of the term "going natural". Very soon afterward I decided to make my own products. I began whipping mixtures right in my kitchen. Mixing a little bit of this and a dash of that, I was able to finally create a concoction that worked great at solving both of my dilemmas. I began to share these mixtures with my friends and family. They loved it so much that they started to request it in batches. Through word of mouth and social media the demand eventually spread like wildfire!  


  The knowledge I gained from trial & error only deepened my passion for natural hair & healthy skin. I want to share that with you through my products. 


Syreeta M. Scott Natural Hair Stylist

 About Reeta:

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