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Your WASH DAY BAE is here for you! And it's EVERYTHING you'll need to indulge in an invigorating, Scalp soothing, TANGLE FREE Wash Day routine!


*Reeta's African Black Detoxing Shampoo:

Get ready to cleanse and revitalize those curls! We’ve taken 100% Raw African Black soap and transformed it into a luscious shampoo that removes toxins and build-up from your hair & scalp. Made with herbaceous botanicals such as Moringa oil, pure Rosemary & Eucalyptus Extract; this shampoo moisturizes and clarifies your hair as the cooling sensation of the peppermint soothes and refreshes your scalp. Properly pH balanced. Plus it's an Organic Fair Trade product & it's sulfate-free!

Formulated for all hair types, including Traditional Locs and Microlocs. 8oz.



*Reeta's Raw Honey & Rosehip Deep Hydration Conditioner:

This Deep Conditioner is packed with natural Humectants as Organic Raw Honey, Rosehip, and Marshmallow root; so your fro is guaranteed to feel soft and well-nourished after using our masque. Restore moisture and adds luster and shine to dull, brittle hair. You will achieve noticeably supple, healthier hair. Great for normal, low & high porosity hair. 8oz.



*Reeta's Organics ACV Herbal Scalp Therapy Mist: 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse contains all-natural herbs and botanicals that soothes and cools dry, itchy scalp on contact. It lifts away dandruff and build-up on your hair and scalp and replenishes shine, softens, and adds body to your curls. ACV properly balances the pH of the scalp which in turn may aid in controlling dandruff & itching over a period of time. Great for Low Porosity Hair and Locs. 4oz.



Vegan and Organic ingredients

Coconut oil-Free



Wash Day Bae Bundle

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