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Thank you for considering Reeta's Organics for your Microlocs training. We understand that this is a major investment and we want to help you as much as we can. So we have created weekly and bi-weekly plans for you. A $50 processing fee will be added to all payment plans. Payments will be automatically taken out every week or biweekly depending on the method you choose. All virtual students will be provided with a list of required materials.


Virtual students are responsible for acquiring all materials before the first day of class. In-person students will be given their supplies upon arriving at school.



In-Person or Virtual Microlocs Training Payment Plan

Price Options
In-person (Weekly)
$587.50every week for 4 weeks
Virtual (Weekly)
$512.50every week for 4 weeks
In-person Bi Weekly
$587.50every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
Virtual Bi Weekly
$512.50every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
  • Tuition:

    Tuition must be paid in full before class begins. Tuition is nonrefundable, and if you cannot attend the scheduled class, you have up to 90 days to enroll in another class at Reeta's Organics Microloc Certification. It is your responsibility to contact staff or the course instructor to re-enroll in the next class. After 90 days, and with no further contact from you, your tuition fee will become null and void, and you'll be required to pay in full for a future class.


    Payment plans:

    Payment plans may be arranged and paid for weekly for 4 weeks or bi-weekly for 8 weeks until payment is fully met. Payment plans must be met in the full required amount a week before the first day of the scheduled class. If the full amount is not paid in time, the student will have the option of enrolling in the next scheduled class as long as the agreed payment plan is current. If the payment plan is delinquent or stopped abruptly without approval by an authorized member of staff or course Instructor, the student will lose the amount paid thus far and will be required to pay in full for the next scheduled class.

    Payment type:

    For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, bank debit cards, PAYPAL, or



    Refund Policy:

    No refunds or exchanges of payment on classes, products, memberships, and/or consulting services. Upon down payment, students agree not to dispute any billed charges for classes, seminars, conferences, products, memberships, and/or services with your bank and/or credit card company, PayPal, or any other payment merchant.

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