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Reeta's Certifed Microlocs Training Class

Reeta's Organics Microlocs install.microlocs near me.jpg
Reeta's Organics Microloc Training Class. microlocs near me

What are Microlocs?
Understanding the Basics of this Natural Hairstyle

Microlocs are a type of natural hairstyle that involves small, tight braids that are tightly interlocked to create a protective hairstyle. The key element in Microlocs is loc sizing and grid styling to create a uniform and cohesive look. This hairstyle is also popular among those with low density hair as it can add volume and texture. Other popular techniques include the use of micro comb coils and micro locs comb coils to create a unique and personalized look. Microlocs training and classes are available to teach individuals the proper techniques for installing and maintaining the style. Microloc installation is a time-consuming process that should be performed by a trained professional to ensure the best results."


The method we use to start Microlocs.

During our training program, we will cover a variety of techniques including the intricate process of interlocking with Interlock locs, the various stages of Interlocked locs, the unique styling of Braidlocs and its various stages, and the versatile look of Twist locs, also known as the two-strand loc, and its stages."

Master Microlocs
with Reeta’s Organics

Microlocs Certification Training

Are you ready to take your hair styling career to the next level? Join Reeta's Organics #GridGang and become a specialist in Microlocs in your area! This popular hair styling technique is in high demand and offers great earning potential. Reeta's Organics Microlocs Training program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a go-to stylist in your area. We offer comprehensive Microloc classes and Microlocs training, taught by experienced professionals, to ensure that you are fully prepared to offer this service to clients. Don't miss this opportunity, apply today and join our next cohort of students."

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What You’ll Master In
Reeta’s Microloc Certification Course

"Learn Microlocs from experts with Reeta's certification course. Our program includes training in Microlocs installation, Microloc repair, and Microloc maintenance, as well as building a successful client base. Classes are led by experienced professionals. Apply now and start your journey to becoming a Microlocs specialist."

Reeta's Organics Microlocs Installation Method. Microlocs near me.png

Microlocs Installation Method

Become a master of the three core Microloc Install techniques: Braidlocs, interlocking, and two-strand loc.

Reeta's Organics Business Strategy. Microlocs near me.png

Business Strategy

Understand how to facilitate client consultations, price your services, market your business.

Reeta's Organics Grid Pattern. microlocs near me.png

Microloc Grid Pattern

Learn our Microloc grid pattern technique, and the reason for our #GridGang name. Perfect for hair density and curl pattern."

Reeta's Organics Private Mentorship. microlocs near me.png

Private Mentorship

Take advantage of one-on-one shadowing sessions with Reeta, as well as ongoing mentorship after the course.

Reeta's Organics Microloc Retightening & Repair. Microlocs near me.png

Microloc Retightening & Repair

Starting locs is just the beginning. Keep your clients coming back by learning how to retighten and repair microlocs.

Reeta's Organics Personal Referrals. microlocs near me.png

Personalized Referrals

Join our network of certified stylists and get access to Reeta’s vetted referrals. 

Is Reeta's Microloc Certification Course
right for you?


You are committed to, and invested in, your growth.


You are ready to multiply your income through mastery of this new skill.


You are looking to join a supportive community of top-tier practitioners.

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Not Ready To Take Full Coarse.

Reeta's Microloc Retie & Repair Training

Click Link Below To Sign Up.

Not quite ready for full Microlocs Training? Take Reeta's 1-day Microlocs Retie & Repair Training. Covering retightening, repair, consultation, tools, braid & band method, retie rotation, & time management. Ideal for those looking to improve their Microlocs maintenance & repair skills.

Saturday, March 11 at 10 am.

Reeta's Organics Microlocs Maintenance and Repair Service
Microlocs Registration

Join the #GridGang
Here’s What’s Next

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Register by filling out the form below. And click on the virtual or in-person class however you want to attend Reeta's Organics Microlocs training.

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Tuition for our 3-day intensive class is $2300 for In-person Training. This includes course training and your Microlocs Starter Kit.

Tuition for Online Training is $2000. A link to all of the required material will be provided. Plus, you will have exclusive access to the playback sessions of each class for 10 days.

Join us for the next class

MARCH 23 - 25 at 10 am.

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Payment Plans

We understand that this is a major investment and we want to help you as much as we can. So we have created weekly and bi-weekly plans for you. Click here to start your payment plan.  

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