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YES! Yes! Yes! You can keep your hair moisturized while wearing your favorite Protective Styles or Locs with our Protect & Nourish Hair & Scalp Kit.


* Formerly known as the Green Tea Protective Style Mist we've added the soothing, hydrating power of Rosewater to drench your Locs, braids & twist with superior moisture! This light-weight spray loosens tension on the scalp and soothes dryness, & itching while infusing moisture deep into your strand without causing build-up. Nourish your hair with the botanicals of green tea, Rosewater, Aloe vera gel & Silk protein as the cooling sensation from the peppermint extract & tea tree oil soothes and relieves tension and dry, itchy scalp on contact!


*7in1 Natural Oil Blend contains 7 all-natural oils that help promote growth, strengthens edges, seal in moisture, and protects against breakage. 


*Organic/Vegan ingredients
*Coconut Oil-Free Product

Protect & Nourish: Hair & Scalp Kit

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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