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Finding A Microlocs Stylist Near Me.

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Things To Consider When Looking For A Microlocs Stylist.

Reeta's Organics best Microlocs near me , Micro locs  Hair Salon
Reeta's Organics installing Microloc two strand twist on client

As a specialist in natural hair care and microlocs services, I've witnessed both positive and negative experiences clients encounter when searching for a skilled microlocs expert. In this post, I aim to focus not on the negatives but on the factors to consider during your search for a microlocs specialist. While there are excellent microloc stylists available, it's important to invest time in locating them. The microlocs industry lacks strong regulations and is rapidly evolving. Some stylists claim professionalism after watching a few YouTube videos. However, I'll guide you through a few simple tips to help you find the right microlocs stylist for your journey.

Cheap is not Better

If a microloc stylist is always booked, they're likely not the cheapest but very skilled at what they do. Waiting for an appointment with them is probably worthwhile. When it comes to natural hair care, most women are particular about their hair. So, finding someone who can deliver what they want makes the price less of a concern. However, paying a high price doesn't guarantee the best results. Just be cautious about prioritizing low cost.

Microlocs Story

Not too long ago, a tranfer microlocs client who switched to me said, "Mrs. Reeta, I tried a more affordable stylist recommended by my sister, but my hair is a mess. Price doesn't matter, can you fix my Microlocs?" And I did. She was so happy with the results and never once complained about the price. At that point, she was more concerned about her hair and the investment she had already put into them. While it might cost a bit more, remember your microlocs are an investment; you can't trust just anyone with them.

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Reeta's Organics giving her clients a microlocs style

Things a microlocs or natural hair stylist must have.

Social Media Presents

Having an active social media presence as a stylist is a bonus. It lets you observe how they interact with people, how they handle clients, and how skilled they are. It's also helpful to follow the groups they're part of and see what others say about them. This way, you can tell if they're trustworthy or if they might be trying to deceive people. Unfortunately, some people create fake pages to trick others and it's surprising how many clients I've had who were scammed. But in these groups, if someone does something shady, they'll call them out. On the other hand, if a stylist is honest and does good work, the group will always praise them.

Microloc Agreement Form

This form helps you understand your responsibilities and those of the stylists. When you see a stylist with a contract, you know they've faced challenges and want to avoid them in the future. It also indicates their dedication to the craft and they respect their time. I once had an incident where I explained to a client the expectations for maintaining their microloc braids, including keeping their hair dry. However, they went swimming against the advice and forgot our conversation. This experience highlighted the need for contracts, to benefit both parties.

They Come Highly Recommended

This is by far one of the best ways to find a Microloc stylist that you can trust is by getting a referral from someone that you trust who uses that natural hair stylist. This will give you more confidence because you can see the growth and care. That it is more likely that you will receive the same thing.

Must Offer A Microloc Consultation

A seasoned and professional microlocs stylists would most likely want to see your hair before the commit to doing it. So if a stylist is head bent on just taking you without a consultation be cautious. Before you let a microlocs hair stylist work on your hair, make sure to request a consultation first. If the stylist you're considering doesn't offer consultations, be cautious. Think of the consultation as an interview – it's worth paying a fee to learn all you need to know about the hairstyling process. It is much better to pay a small fee for the consultation than paying full price and not getting the beautiful locs you wanted.

Not An Anxious Microloc Hairstylist

When a hairstylist seems very anxious, it's a warning sign. Especially if your hair isn't in great shape, and they tell you it's fine. This could be a problem. A good hairstylist prioritizes your hair's health over their earnings because they consider the consequences. They understand that if they install certain styles of locs, and you encounter issues later, it could mean redoing the work for them. And a good hairstylist's time is very valuable.

Must Be Able To Accept Credit Card Payment

Don't pay with cash, Cash App, or Zelle until you trust the microlocs stylist. Use your card for payment. Your card offers protection against potential scammers. Learning this lesson the hard way can be painful.

Red Flag Alert: Stylist Warning – Deposits Before Proper Consultation

Beware of Hair Stylist Requesting Installation Deposits Before Providing Proper Consultation. Don't Pay Any Stylist a depends until your consultation is done and you receive an appointment date. And make sure you pay with a credit card for your own protection if that turns out to be a fraud and doesn't show -up and give you the run around you can dispute the charge and get your money back. I provide test locs for all my Microloc clients so they can see the size and the method they would like.

Braidlocs Testors For Clients At Consultation
Reeta's Organics braidlocs and braid locs on Microlocs client Microlocs near me
Reeta's Organics doing braidlocs testers on client at there Microloc consultation

Depending on your hair's texture and chosen installation method, I'll create a few microloc braids, micro-twists, or micro-interlocks. This lets you preview how Microlocs will appear on you. Seeing a few installed locs can ease your mind, showing the stylist can achieve your desired look. It's a bonus to find a stylist offering this service.

Up Front About Their Microlocs Maintenance

After your microlocs have been installed, taking care of them is key. If the person only does the initial installation, you'll have to start over to locate someone reliable for keeping them tight. It's wise to find a stylist who can put in the microlocs and also keep up with their upkeep. When you talk to them before, ask about how they handle maintenance.

If They Wash They Must Braid and Ban No exceptions

Check if they braid and ban, and shampoo your microlocs before retightening. Also, see if they want you to wash your microlocs before the retightening appointment. If they plan to wash your hair during the appointment, ask them if they will braid and ban your new microlocs. Sometimes, stylists wash new microlocs without braiding and banning the locs, which can lead to issues. Braiding and banning Microlocs help maintain their shape until they fully mature. It's best to avoid stylists who don't follow this basic care for microlocs. Asking these questions will help you decide if they're right for you.

Pick the Right Shampoo is critical

Ensure the stylist uses the right shampoo for your Microlocs. Ask for a clarifying shampoo. At our salon, we use Reeta Organics African Black Detoxifying Shampoo for Microlocs. Using a moisturizing shampoo can make freshly installed Microlocs slip and unravel, so be cautious with your choice.

Verify Stylist Location

If possible, meet with them in person for your consultation. But if that's not doable due to your schedule, at least drive by their salon or workplace to make sure it's legit. Some folks have had terrible experiences with virtual consultations. They were given an appointment date and a salon name, but on the day of the Microlocs installation, the stylist didn't even work there. They paid through the cash app, so they couldn't get their money back. "That's when it hurts baby".


In conclusion when googling "microlocs near me", be patient and thorough when choosing the right stylist for your Microlocs journey. You're in charge of this decision, so ensure they're the right fit for the job. I hope this advice provides valuable insight into finding an excellent Microlocs stylist. Always remember, you are your best advocate when hiring someone for a task they claim to excel at. Your confidence in your choice will lead to the best results for your hair journey. And if you are still unsure about the stylist call me.

Finding the Best Microlocs Near Me

If you like this blog and would like to set up an appointment with a microlocs natural hair specialist let's connect. Even if you don't book with me for your microloc install I can give you some insight about your hair and which direction you should take on your microlocs journey. Also, give a plan to take to the stylist that you plan on using. Also depending on what part of the world you are in, I can recommend some stylists that I trust. Overall I would love to help you. 407.5206292

Meet Natural hairstylists who work with Reeta's Organics

Nurise Microloc Specialist Apopka Fl

Natural beauty Two Strand twists with Microlocs classes, microloc extension, Microlocs near me
Nurise with Reeta's Organics give client a microlocs updo

Graduate of the Reeta's Organic Microloc Certification Program. Trained Wig Designer, Certified Loctician, with years of experience as a braider since 1998. Specializing in Microlocs installs,  reties, repairs, and Microloc Extensions.

or call: 407.520.6292

Adrian Microloc Specialist Jacksonville Fl

microlocs near me with Reeta's Organics microlocs retightening
Adrian with Reeta's Organics giving client a microlocs retightening.

Adrian "Tiny" Hill is a passionate hair stylist from Jacksonville, FL. She started styling hair at age 12 and has grown to become a master stylist in her arena of traditional locs, box braids, and faux locs. She attended Reeta's Organics-certified microloc specialist classes and is skilled in microloc installations, retightening, and repair maintenance.

or call: 407.520.6292

Patience Microloc Specialist Orlando Fl

Microlocs near me, Meet Donna Chase, our latest addition to the Reeta's Organics team. With years of experience as a natural hair stylist and a graduate of Reeta's Organics Microlocs Training, Donna is now a certified expert ready to serve you. Whether it's Microlocs retightening, Microlocs installations, or braid downs, Donna's magical hands are here to bless your hair. Come experience her expertise today!"
Patience giving client a Microlocs Retightening

Patience "Pate" Scott is the youngest member of the team. But don't let that deter you from booking your next Microloc maintenance with her. With nearly 2 years of experience as a trained Microlocs Specialist, she has become a salon favorite due to her professionalism, and quick, and super-efficient services.

Offering Consultations for transfer clients, Retie, Repairs, Deep Scalp Cleanses, Loc-Detox, Steam Treatments, and Grid Reestablishments.

or call: 407.520.6292

Donna Microlocs Specialist Lake Mary Fl

Reeta's Organics Microlocs near me,  microlocs classes near me, Natural Hair, two strand twists, Micro locs
Donna with Reeta's Organics installing Microlocs twist on client

Meet Donna Chase, our latest addition to Reeta's Organics team. With years of experience as a natural hair stylist and a graduate of Reeta's Organics Microlocs Training, Donna is now a certified expert ready to serve you. Whether it's Microlocs retightening, Microlocs installations, or braid downs, Donna's magical hands are here to bless your hair. Come experience her expertise today!"

or call: 407.520.6292

Join our Certified Microloc classes and training.

We offer microlocs classes online and in-person for those who want to learn the art of Microlocs. Finding a great microlocs hair stylist can be tough, but how about becoming one yourself? If you're reading this, it means you are someone who pays attention to detail and has integrity. You already have what it takes. Now, all you need is guidance, and I'm here to provide that. By mastering this skill, you can become the sought-after stylist in your area. I receive calls from all over, so I need a reliable stylist who can do a great job for clients who trust me. Learn More

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