4 Steps to Master your Wash & Go's...

YES! YES! YES! WASH & GO season is upon us! It's time to remove those winter protective styles, give your fro some much needed TLC and let your ringlets breatheeee!

The Spring is near and with that comes the warm, sunny days. The perfect weather to rock a Wash & Go! It's one of my favorite styles! So let's get right to it with my recommended steps on Mastering the Wash & Go:

Before we begin here's a list of items you will need:

Step 1:

Co-wash your hair. Co-wash simply means to wash your hair with conditioner only. It gently cleanses without completely stripping your hair of it's natural oils as oppose to shampooing. It cuts down on frizz, softens your hair and helps create a barrier of moisture. After your hair is coated with the Co-Wash/Conditioner, you may take this time to detangled your hair. Use a detangling tool such as a wide-tooth comb, a [specialty] brush or my personal favorite; your fingers! Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to your roots. After the detangling process is done, use cold water to rinse out the conditioner. Cold water rinsing has been known to seals your cuticles, close your pores, lock in moisture and gives the appearance of shiny hair! *SIDE BAR- If your hair is in need of shampooing, by all means PLEASE do so. Follow up with the Co-Wash/conditioning process to restore the moisture loss from shampooing.

Ok, PAUSE...

Before we continue to the next steps, I have to say this: After rinsing, DO NOT towel-dry your hair. In fact DO NOT dry your hair at all. Your hair should be soaking wet. Drying your hair, especially with a towel will only cause unnecessary friction, causing your ringlets to tangle and frizz. You want your curls to remain undisturbed and well-defined. So just drape a towel or T-shirt over your shoulders to catch the excess drips of water...


Step 2: Apply your products. To ensure it is evenly distributed, seperate hair into small sections. Begin with Reeta's Organics L.O.C.(S). Method kit. Apply each layer by using the "smoothing/praying hand & scrunching motion" to avoid disturbing the curls. Don't forget your roots. (BTW: Don't be like me, please drape a towel over your should to catch the drippage from your hair---Haha!)

Next, apply Reeta's Organics Curl Defining Jelly. Again, using the same smooth & scrunch motion, be gently and be quick. Remember the objective is to keep your curls intact while obtaining the least amount of frizz.

Step 3:

At this point your curls should be popping! The only thing left to do now is to let them dry. Some Naturals prefer to air dry their hair while others prefer using a Hair drying Diffuser. It's totally up to you! I personally prefer to air dry my curls.

Although it is optional, you may “Pineapple” your hair during the air drying process. Just hold your head down and flip your hair forward. Use a silk or satin scarf to very loosely wrap your hair up in what we Naturals refer to as a Pineapple. This protects the hair from the possibility of unnecessary friction.

The loose tension from the wrap also helps elongate your curls by stretching them at the roots which helps to reduce shrinkage as it dries. Do not panic if you have a bit of product residue. As your hair dries it should go away.

Now here's the HARDEST part... DO NOT TOUCH until hair is completely dry. Although it will be extremely tempting, FIGHT IT! I swear, Nothing ruins a Wash & Go worst than frizz. Which is exactly what you will get from over manipulating or touching during the drying process.

Step 4:

Lastly, when your hair is dry remove the scarf, shake to loosen up your curls, gently style and (finally) GO!!!!!!

*Note: you will have to arange some of the curls to fall where you'd like. Which is totally normal for certain lengths and textures of hair. I recommend using hair pins to position and secure them in place.

We hope you find our Wash & Go steps tried & true! Send a picture of your Wash & Go results and we'll feature you on Reeta's Organics website and Facebook page!


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